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Friday, March 31, 2006

Photo Shoots

I'm so excited..... I'm doing one of Kim Archer's online classes tonight. I love the layout we will be doing and I've organised John to look after the kids and pretend I'm not even home!! Fun, fun, fun!!

The double layout we'll be doing is about Family and Kim's layout has some nice family pics on it. I didn't have ANY pictures of all five of us, so on Monday morning, I made everyone stay in their flanny PJs until we were all up (yep, only had to wait until 6.15am) and threw them all on the couch and took some photos of ourselves. We laughed so much and it was heaps of fun. Then I took some various shots of the kids in their PJs. Here is the main one I'll be using....

I love it!! I love everyone's expression and little Christopher in the middle getting squashed - so cute and funny!

Amelia had her school photos recently, too. The morning of the photos, Mia was so impressed with her neat pony-tails and ribbon (yep, stolen from my scrapping stash!!), that she begged for some photos. Christopher actually jumped in on the act, this time, too!

That is a real happy face from Chris. I usually get the photo-face or, more commonly, the side of his cranky face as he turns away, not wanting to be in a photo. This photo reminds me that I need to work out some way of doing his hair - so tragic!

....and little giggles, here.... Mia and I were being extraordinarily silly taking these photos and there are some really lovely ones. I have so many photos to scrap that I won't print these up yet, but I look forward to catching up a bit and having these to work with.

xx S.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Sounds

I've changed my music (for this blog) from Counting Crows (still love 'em, but this is better....) to Lazlo Bane, who sings the theme song to my fave TV show. Over the past week, I've been eating, breathing, sleeping Scrubs - no matter how much I watch it, I just want to watch it again! Can't wait until Season Four is available on DVD!!

What was Channel 7 thinking by not playing this show in prime time???

xx S.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just to help my Mojo

Good day, scrapping-wise.... another layout accepted to the mags. I am also thrilled to add I've been asked to complete a special project for Scrapbook Creations - more on that later!

Here's a layout I whipped up for a monthly competition. I missed the deadline, but uploaded it anyway!

xx S.

PS. Survivor starts again tonight!!! Yayayayayay!!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Finished tweaking!

Well, I blitzed the green blog of yesterday and have my pink back again. Fixed the banner, so it's the right size and have all my links worked out - I think!! Still trying to teach myself Html and can't work out how to centre the counter & blogger buttons near the video clip and space these three things out a bit more. If you know Html, can you drop me a comment on how to do this?

It took me an hour to clean up the kids rumpus room this morning! These kids have WAY too many toys. Next time they aren't looking, I think I am going to throw out all the misc ones (ie. McDonald toys and non-sets). I am powering through the housework as I desperately want to scrap tonight. I have a lot of computer work to do too.

I only have two A-Z layouts that haven't been started! Once I get them started, I can then go through my whole album and add the finishing touches to all 26 of them.

Tomorrow is Mia's 'Show & Tell' for preschool. It is an effort to stop her from taking a toy rather than finding something of interest to talk to her friends about. Hopefully while she is at preschool tomorrow, I can catch up on most of my work about the house, too.

This afternoon, I plan to take some photos of Mia's toys with her to put a little story book together. During the week we photographed Chris' favourite toys in a sequence and made up a story. I look forward to putting it all together in a book. The kids are both pretty excited about this too. I don't know how they would go with looking after 'scrapped' pages, as they might pull bits off, so I think I'll digi-scrap them and print out the finished pages to stick in some blank board books.

Have a great week!!

xx S.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

New Banner

I've finally fixed up my banner and made my blog page a bit different. I'm not sure about the green, but I'll lose all my other changes if I go back to the pink!!

So this is my lovely little family, who I have the pleasure of scrapping!! Aren't they sweet? The digi kit used to make my blog banner was from Two Peas (downloaded last year).

I've added a bit of sound.... my all-time favourite song by Counting Crows - Round Here.

xx S.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Finally some photos!

Okay, I've finally been able to upload a few photos....

The huge tanks at Shark Bay (Seaworld) were mesmerising (sp?) for Amelia & Christopher... I must admit, I could sit there for hours and watch everything too. Such a fabulous display.

Here are those crazy girls I grew up with - Alice & Emma. It was a busy day and I would have liked to catch up more, but it was so much fun still!!

Next time, I'll post an update of what we've been up to in the past week. I just want to get these photos up before they delete themselves again!!

xx S.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

...and Another Week Goes By!!

I haven't been able to access my blog to add any entries lately, but it let me in today, so here I am!!

I have just been reading up on Kim Archer's online class that I'm taking next week. I am so excited. The layout is lovely and I'm looking forward to a bit of a chat with the other ladies completing the class, too.

For some reason, I still can't post photos of the Seaworld trip. I will try again later!

xx S.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Now I have a cold!!

Ho hum - a bit tired of being sick or being around sick littlies.... It's me this time - now I have a cold!! I sound like a mix between a child and a man when I talk (that is when sound actually comes out of my mouth!!).

Remedy?? Scrap shopping, of course!! I picked up a stack of gorgeous new Basic Grey papers today.... and some new Wild Asparagus!! Wish I had the energy to use them, now!! I have two Circle Journals, a Cyber Crop and three A-Z layouts to complete before I can play with my new papers!!

All I want to do is sleep!!!

xx S.

Friday, March 10, 2006

So Very Busy

I don't know how the weeks keep wizzing past so quickly, I guess I've just been so very busy and haven't noticed. I don't even know where all my time goes...

After a chat with Kerrin the other night (who asked what I was doing chatting when I hadn't scrapped all week), I challenged myself to a quick layout. I told Kerrin I'd upload it the following morning, so that made me stick to doing it. It is very much like one of Kerrin's layouts. I guess they were all in my head after looking at them all during the chat...

I'm still struggling with my A-Z layouts (for a competition run by For Keeps magazine). I have six weeks to complete them all (to give the album one week to get there). I don't have any layouts completed that I am happy with. The papers are tricky to use and I decided to do them all on a white background - which is really hard for me! I haven't uploaded any of these layouts yet, so here are three of them - J, T & W...

So there you have it. Hopefully tonight I will get another three completed. Alicia and I are trying to motivate each other and the weekly target, to get it all completed in time, is three layouts. I don't have any this week and only did two last week, so I hope to do four tonight!! LOL - There are so many other layouts I have ready to go that I'd rather be doing!! Good luck to me, I guess!!

xx S.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Time Warp

Well, wasn't that just like being caught in a Time Warp??!!! I caught up with my bestest buddy Alice on Saturday night and we just talked and talked! Nothing much has changed and it was like we just picked up where we left off, as though we had never been apart. I love that girl so much!!

I took a few photos, but I don't like many of them. Next time I see her, I'll take some Thelma & Louise photos with her rather than rely on someone else trying to use my camera. (NB. Alice looked great in the photos - I looked WAY too happy, like someone had given me something! Must work on my photo smile!!)

Alice and her Mum (whom I call Mum too) will be visiting on Thursday to meet the kids. I can't wait to see Mum!!! Last time I saw her Alice was very unwell, so it wasn't a happy time. I grew up galavanting around all the coolest places with this pair and am keen to catch up again!

xx S.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The same ol' Alice!!

Wooohooo!!!! I received a call from my school friend, Alice, this morning!! It is just like barely any time has passed since I spoke to her five and a half years ago!!! I love this girl so much and can hardly wait to see her. I have been walking on air all morning!!

Finding Alice has nearly been an obsession of mine! Over the years of trying, I have regularly dreamed about her and had so many things happen to get my hopes up of finding her.... now I don't have to worry anymore!! I hope to never lose contact with her again. Can you tell I'm excited???

I'm catching up with her tomorrow night. Wooohooo!!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

So excited!!!

OMGosh, I am so excited!!! After years (at least four) of looking for my best buddy from school, who I lost contact with just after I got married, I have finally found her!!!! I have spent the last few years checking every White Pages, when it came out, getting people who are "in the know" to help try to find her and Googling her name so often! I finally found her name on a list on a website, so I contacted the website to pass on my details. They told me they couldn't, but they must have because my friend rang this morning and left a message on my phone!!!!

I've tried to call her back, but got an answering machine. Now I am basically sitting on the phone waiting for it to ring again.... I can't wait to catch up with her!!!!!

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