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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fairy Raine Retires

Sunday afternoon was so much fun. Amelia and I went to the retirement/birthday party and crowning (to Fairy Princess) of Fairy Raine. We met Fairy Raine through her alterego, Lorraine, who works with John.

The crowd was mostly adults with a few little girls and we all doned fairy wings and played like kids. It was a lot of fun. I had the most fun playing with my camera and taking a few photos.

There was a little bit of magic everywhere.

Mia was so cute when we got home. She said, "Mummy, Lorraine isn't really a fairy though, is she?" Well, I believe in fairies, don't you?

xx S.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Induction to School

My tenth post for the night and I think I'm nearly caught up - yay!!

Last week we had our first whole school Litergy. It was so cute. The Prep students (incl. Christopher) were welcomed to the school and presented with a blessing. The Year One students (incl. Amelia) were walked in with their Year Seven buddies and presented with a blessing.

We had the Litergy and a few extra blessings, then the Year Sevens were presented with their badges and certificates. My niece, Kayla, amongst them. It was lovely and as you can see, Amelia was as proud as punch to be there!
xx S.

Not What We Bought....

I am such a turn-coat. I went to the pet store. Marty has been our puppy for less than two months and I'm already cheating on him!!

The local pet store has two gorgeous, fluffy Border Collie X Kelpie puppies!! They are beautiful. They are fluffy and cute and.... of all things.... I can look at them and they actually look like Border Collie X Kelpie puppies!! I can see both breeds in these puppies.

Marty was supposed to be Border Collie X Kelpie, but I could never see it. I thought it was just me at first. I always thought he was a bit Staffy....

Well, the vet agrees. Not much of the other two in him. I guess I'm not really a turn-coat, though, as I didn't buy one of the other puppies. I still came home to our Marty. He's beautiful.

xx S.

Scrapbook City's Disney Night

Scrapbook City's Disney night was awesome. There was a great sale with lots of giveaways, fresh off the plane from CHA in Anahiem, USA. Of course there were stacks of beautiful catalogues to paw over.

Kerri & Michelle were kept busy behind the counter all night, while the rest of us walked the floor chatting and meeting new people. Huge thanks to the number of people who came up to me and said, "Hi." I was a little over whelmed that some people know who I was (should have kept that old avatar with me hiding behind the camera!! lol), but I was so happy to meet and chat with so many people I've only ever met online before - or not at all.

Anyone would think I was the papparazzi (?sp)!!! This is Katie palming me off!! lol

It was a really fun night - don't miss the next one, will you?
xx S.

Chris' First Day of School

The first week of February saw Christopher start school - full time Prep. He is so completely ready for full time school, but has a shy factor that I have had my concerns about. I am keen to see how he deals with school.

Nicholas thought we were having a costume theme, so doned his pirate scarf and came out for a photo shoot.

Mia was so proud of her little brother, she couldn't wait to be going to school with him. Mia is in her normal school uniform (dress) for this shot.

Christopher only had half days for the first three days. I picked him up at 1pm, arrived back home by 1.10pm and took this photo at 1.15pm!!

He was exhausted! He doesn't usually sleep in the day. I love this photo as I don't often get a sleeping shot of Christopher!

Thanks for checking in with us!
xx S.

Then There Were Two

So I had a full week at home with just the boys. Chris was to start school a week after Mia.

They both loved poking around the school in the mornings and afternoons, when we were waiting for Amelia to finish.

xx S.

Mia's First Day of School

The end of January saw my eldest start her long journey of school. I have to admit, I was astounded by the number of mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc at the school to see their little family member start school. ....and the tears!!!! One mother was in hysterics!

No tears from us. Mia looked up at me and say, "Well, bye then, Mum."

"Okay, bye. Have a great day."

That was it. She is so cool.

Their first day was on the Tuesday, which is sports uniform day.

Doesn't the back pack look HUGE! She could shove a class-mate in there to bring home!!!
xx S.

Australia Day

As in previous years, Australia Day was the last pre school year family breakfast in the park. I love this day, as we all hang out at the BBQ while the kids run off playing in the park together.

This year, we had a change of venue. We moved away from the bush park at Chandler and instead, went to Colmslie Beach. Don't let the name fool you.... there is no beach worth going to here. It's on the Brisbane River and I wouldn't let my kids near it!

The play ground was awesome and there was heaps of space for a bit of backyard (well, park) cricket.

Here's Nick trying his hand at batting. I think he is so cute!

xx S.

Nani & Grandad's 60th Wedding Anniversary

You may (or may not) remember a few months back, when I put together a beautiful hardback, bound book of my Grandparents' life together since their marriage 60 years ago?

We had our family surprise party for them at the end of December. They were both SO surprised. All five of their children were there, plus a lot (but not all) of their grandchildren.

They had been blessed in Mass the week before and thought that was the most their wedding anniversary was going to be acknowledged, I think. Well.... let me tell you....

Nani & Grandad were presented with letters, certificates and honours from all over the world! Letters from their local member, state member, federal member, Premier Beattie (who sent a copy of his book - that'll feed the fire), Lord Mayor Campbell, Gov of Brisbane, Gov of Australia, Prime Minister Howard and even Queen Elizabeth II!!!

My Grandad isn't much of an emotional man. If he loves you, he tells you. If he is proud, he says, "I'm proud of you." That is about the length of how emotional he gets.... usually. This day, he was crying like you wouldn't believe! For a usually very composed man, this was amazing. Just looking at him, was making Nan cry, then I was crying too. It was all very amazing.

After all of that, I gave them the book. OMGosh, they love it!! They sat there reading through it and looking at everything. It was 118 pages of photos, stories, anicdotes, etc. from everyone in the family. I was so ecstatic that they love it so much.

(Here it is again, in case you missed it.) I've been told it has been read many, many times in the past couple of months. I'm glad to do anything that makes them so happy. They are very special people!
xx S.

Catching Ye Olde Blog Up

Mid January, I had already blogged about the gorgeous Pirate Party held for my friend Ang's Joseph's birthday. Here are a couple of my favourite pictures to share. (Being careful about not putting faces on the net, without permission, of course.)

Hunting for ye olde treasure with ye olde treasure map - arr, arr!!

Now THIS photo, I REALLY love!! My pirate Christopher having a little pirate stand-off with the birthday boy, pirate Jose!! lol - not really, they were playing very nicely. I just happened to take the photo in the split second they both pulled this precious little faces.

xx S.

Still Talking About Christmas?

I have been a bad blogger.... bad, bad blogger!! So much goes on and I have been so slack in keeping my blog up to date. Well, today's the day. I am going to inundate you with boring posts of my little life....

Christmas (lol - yes, that date that was nearly TWO months ago, can you believe it??) was great. Lots of family and lots of kids running around. Thank goodness this year was a little more mild.

I have probably blogged a bit about my Christmas, but just wanted to share some photos. My Mum and Dad are SO hard to get a decent, fun photo of, especially together. I don't even think many photos exist of me with my parents, so on Christmas day, I "thelma'ed" these...

Well, we think we are funny!! ...and what would a post about Christmas be without showing some of our warm Christmas magic around the tree....

xx S.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Photo Gallery

I've finally organised myself and added a small photo gallery to my blog. Nothing exciting, just a handful of photos that I LOVE and have taken recently. I hope to keep adding to it regularly.

Sassi Photography photo gallery

xx S.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Forum's Back UP

Yay! Scrapbook City forum is back online. I'm so happy, as this makes things so much easier!! See you there!!
xx S.

Scrapbook City's Hackers

Grrrr.... overnight Scrapbook City's forums were attacked by hackers. I'm doubley cranky as, because I was trying to find out who they were (to see if I could fix anything), their rude websites downloaded some yukky viruses to my PC!! I've spent the morning trying to clean up my computer. Grrrrr.

Yesterday we had a new member join up the forum, who posted SEVEN messages with links to revolting pornographical websites. I deleted them and their posts and am now wondering if the two are linked.

SO.... with all the excitement of Reality Scrap going on, Alicia and I are going to try to keep everything going with our blogs until the forum is back up.

Reality Scrap registrations closed yesterday. We have (I think) 45 people signed up who are all busily working on their Qualifying Challenge, due tomorrow (11.59pm Saturday 3 Feb 2007). These need to be uploaded to the Gallery in the Reality Scraps Qualifying Challenge area.

If anyone needs to talk to us about Reality Scraps, don't forget we set up an external email for you at We ask that anyone reading this please respect that this is for Scrapbook City customers use only.

The Reality Scrap Survival Kits have been mailed and are ready for collection from Scrapbook City. I LOVE these kits and have put hours into building them, so I hope you LOVE them too. There are some GREAT papers in them, plus some fun embellishments.

Let's hope the forum is restored very quickly!
xx S.

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