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Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanks Teachers

Mia, Chris, Nick and I had a ball drawing up a 'thanks' chalkboard for each of their teachers and photographing them. These are their end-of-year/Christmas gifts, which have now been printed on little canvases (the photographs, that is, not the chalkboards).

I hope they like them.
xx S.

Iluka Again

Even though the weather was average when we went back to Iluka early November, the kids had lots of fun in the sand and the surf.

We even found time for a quick trip to Yamba (to go to the hardware store for John).

I wanted to have a closer look at the lighthouse, but the kids were begging to go and there were people running around the base.
Not much else happened on the trip worth reporting. I was actually ill all Saturday night, so the trip wasn't a fun one for me. :( Maybe next time we'll all be well!
xx S.

Funniest Iluka Story

One of the reasons I was really keen to get back to Iluka for the weekend was the wildlife. Last time we were there, a pod of dolphins came into the bay and played. A sea eagle also came in and they all had a feeding frenzy on the fish that were there. It was really cool, but the lens on my camera just wasn't good enough.

Since then, I upgraded my lens and was hoping to be so lucky.

Unfortunately, the weather was rubbish and the only life at the beach/bay were the idiot people who were braving the winds and the lashing sea air. No wildlife for me.

I surficed with shots of the road and trees and am reasonably happy with this photo, even though it makes me feel motion-sick to look at it enlarged.

The funny story?? Just after I took this photo, I lowered the camera to my lap and started playing with some settings. I was absorbed in what I was doing, when John started stammering beside me. In the time it took me to look up, a MASSIVE Wedge-tailed Eagle flew right in front of the car, at eye level, carrying the BIGGEST possum I have ever seen!!! It then landed on a rock beside the road and watched us. It must have stood almost 1m tall!!
The funniest part is I had absolutely NO time to pick up my camera and catch the photo of the year!!!! I couldn't believe it!! For the rest of the trip home (and for days after), every now and then I would think of it and just say, "eagle carrying a possum".
I can't bear to think about it anymore. lol
xx S.

Swimming Carnival

The Yr 1-3 Swimming Carnival has come and gone. I am so proud of Amelia's efforts.

None of my children can swim. They haven't had lessons and I haven't taught them, as I am allergic to chlorine and can't be too close to a pool.

Amelia started her first swimming lessons three weeks before the Carnival. The school organises three weeks of block lessons where the kids swim nearly every day. These lessons started just one month after Amelia had a mis-hap in a pool and had to be pulled out. It was VERY frightening for both her and us as parents.

Initially, Mia was terrified, but after lots of talking and preparing her, she was ready for the lessons. They were progressing nicely until some awful little creature of a classmate pushed her head under the water, then the fear came out again.

To watch Amelia in the water at the Carnival, giving it her absolute best, was wonderful. I don't know where the tears come from lately, but I cried when she came out after her first race. She was also crying, as the marshals forgot to give her a board or noodle (and she was too scared to ask). The ladies behind us were crying at us crying, too. It was quite amusing.

Nicholas came for the morning too. He was very good.

I love how squooshy Amelia's face is with her goggles and cap on. Almost unrecognisable! Tee hee.
xx S.

Gorgeous Amy

On Melbourne Cup day, I had the privilege of photographing my sister-in-law with her gorgeous girl Amy.

...and the digi layout. I haven't been scrapping much for myself, but here is my most recent digi layout that I can share. ;)

xx S.


Early November I went to Bundaberg with Point Shoot Play's Mel & Peta. Well, I flew up on the Saturday afternoon and drove home with them on the Sunday, after our classes.

On the flight up, in a little Dash 8, I was seated at the Emergency Exit under the wing. I had a lot of fun watching the workings of the wheels and under-wing. I'm used to flying much larger planes over the wing, or smaller planes with fixed wheels, so I was very interested.

The sunlight was amazing, as it lit up all the bodies of water. At one stage, we flew past a large bushland with a river winding through it. The river looked like a huge silver snake slithering through the trees. Magical.

The weekend was fantastic and the ladies we taught were a lot of fun. Thanks to Petrina for organising the weekend.

On the Sunday, Peta and I were up early to catch the sunrise. We had a bit of fun taking various photos.

After classes, and before we headed off for our six hour journey home (due to fire, road closures and highway accidents), we looked around Bundy and took some more photos.

Check out the Sassi Photography photo blog for more -
xx S.

Another Visit to the Folks

Late October saw us actually getting to visit my parents. They only live 90mins away, but with all of us being so constantly busy, we don't catch up as often as I'd like.

Mum loves the wildlife where she is and loves to feed the birds. We tease her, calling her the "Bird Lady". I can see why she loves it, though. There is always some bird or animal coming up for a feed and a look in at what is going on.

We also tried to get some family snaps..... see next post.
xx S.

The Family

Getting a family photograph, for me, is like pulling teeth. I think I need to get someone else to take our family photos, as I just get annoyed with the lack of co-operation.... not only from the children (who are actually used to me taking their photo), but also from dearest John. I'm sure he thinks he is being helpful and co-operative. (Love you Honey!)

Here are our efforts from last month:

I just get so cranky that the *fake* smile comes out. :(
xx S.

Go-Cart Racing

Have you seen a go-cart as old as this and still being run around the backyard??

It was made, I think, by a couple of my brother-in-laws and my father-in-law close to fifty years ago!! It's been modified and repaired lots over the years and now my kids are getting old enough to be able to ride it.

It's SUPER fast and takes a bit of learning to steer, but it's a LOT of fun!!
xx S.

Twisties & Time

This is what my five year old boy does with a pinched strip of twisty-ties and a bit of spare time....

If he wasn't so normal, I'd suspect 'Rainman' tendancies. He does the funniest things sometimes.
He also made an ant. Yes, an ant. It had all three body sections and all six legs. He makes me laugh.

xx S.

Thanks Em!

Yep, dodgy photo of me, but I LOVE my *new* camera strap made by the gorgeous and funky Emily Falconbridge. Get yours HERE.
When I say *new*, I mean "I've had it for a month, but am SO behind in blogging that I am only sharing it with you now".
xx S.

Monday, November 26, 2007


These were SO weird! I found them on Amelia's skirt when I was folding the washing, just before Brisbane had that huge butterfly/moth plague. I have no idea what they are, but there were very fasinating.

They are 'sitting' on their clear eggs. I guess they were drying out. They had little antanaes twitching around and six little legs kicking in the air.

Anyone know what they are??
xx S.

Busy November

Well, November has been such a busy month!! I have only spent one weekend at home ~ it's been FANTASTIC!!

I really do have a lot to catch the blog up on and a few funny stories. In the meantime, the calendar above will give you the general idea!!

xx S.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm SO Excited...., for my birthday, I was given a NEW camera!!!! More on this in a minute.

What a lovely morning. I slept in 'til 6.30am ~ which is how long the kids lasted in their excitement before they started running up and down the hall outside my room, trying to 'not wake me up'. They had already made a chocolate mud cake with John and were keen to give me some gifts and have cake for breakfast!! lol

....and we did!! I can't believe it.... we actually had chocolate cake for breakfast. John had a little more than the rest of us, as it was covered with icing sugar that 'exploded' everywhere (mostly all over him) when I blew out the candles. Tee hee ~ well, he did dare me to blow as hard as I could!!

We decided on no presents this year, as I have recently spent a LOT of money on gorgeous new lenses for my Canon DSLR. The boys gave me some bath products to enjoy. John surprised me with a new tennis racquet, which I have wanted for ages.

My BIGGEST surprise came next..... NEW camera!! Made by Amelia, because "I know you love cameras and photographs, Mummy". How cute is she? This is my favourite gift this year. (It's the left-hander's version, even though I am right-handed ~ tee hee.)

I still have heaps of photos and events to update on my blog. Hopefully I'll get a chance today!
xx S.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

These Just Arrived...

...early for my birthday tomorrow. Aren't they gorgeous?? I don't often get flowers delivered, so I am so very happy. :D Thanks Mel!!!
xx S.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I guess the best thing about a tag is it gets me to actually post on my blog!! I have so much to catch myself up on, but no time to do it!

Here goes....

I've been tagged by Petrina

Here are the rules which you need to abide by if you are tagged:
1.Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

I am not sure what to add to my previous lists, so I will stick to a theme, I think...

1. I have been really busy with my business Sassi Photography.
2. I teach PhotoShop Basics 101 (and other classes) with Point.Shoot.Play.
3. I spent the first weekend on this month in Bundaberg, Qld.
4. I spend last weekend in Iluka, NSW.
5. I am looking forward to a weekend up the north coast soon.
6. I really, really miss my beautiful friend Alicia.
7. I need to take my camera for a professional clean.... must use it too much - lol!

How was that? Okay, so I have decided not to tag anyone specifically, as I have sent this one on a few times already. If you haven't taken this tag, please consider yourself tagged!!!

Photos and stories from the past few weeks to come!!
xx S.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

...And the Winner is.....

MEL!! With her bid of $80!! Thanks Mel, your papers will be in your hot little hands very soon!!

Stayed tuned for a bit about the Point.Shoot.Play Bundy weekend!!
xx S.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Off to Bundy

I'm so excited to be off to Bundaberg this weekend with the girls from Point.Shoot.Play. We will be teaching all sorts of PhotoShop tips and tricks to a group of ladies organised by the lovely Petrina McDonald.

See you soon, ladies!

The Paper Auction is going well. Thanks for all the support! The bid of $80 (in comments of below post) is the highest at this stage. More than I antipated!!

I'll keep you updated.
xx S.

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