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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Canon Pixma Ambassadorship

I'm excited to announce that I have been invited to be an Ambassador for Canon Australia's Pixma division. This is the division hosting a fantastic Pixma Party with Scrapbooking Memories on 17 October 2008. See Scrapbooking Memories magazine for more information on how you can win tickets. It should be a fun night!

As part of my Ambassadorship, Canon have sent me some amazing goodies to play with, including a Canon Pixma MP970, a Canon PowerShot A720 IS Camera and lots of yummy peripherals, such as papers, transfers and inks. The Pixma (all-in-one printer) is fantastic in its ease to use and quality of print - I'm having a ball.

Check this out, though....

Canon are running a Pixma DIY Band Competition, giving away $50,000 in cash and prizes!! There are four parts to the competition, the first closing 22 September 2008 (this coming Monday). For part one, all you have to do is design a T-shirt for a kids' band, print it on a transfer and iron onto a T-shirt. Take a photo of the lot and upload it to enter. The photo HAS to be of the shirt, not the design.

The best bit? There are not very many eligible entries thus far, so chances of winning this first section are very good!! In fact, I think there is only one eligible entry in the Gallery, excluding my example, as I'm not eligible to enter!

So what are you doing still here?? Go!! Create!!

I'm off to play with my printer. I've found an awesome site by Canon called Creative Park. I just wish I had more hours in the day to play!!
xx S.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Beautiful Bride

This weekend saw me in Sydney, as Matron of Honour for my lovely friend and cousin, Allyson. We have now, together, thrown off our McKenna-shackles and become someone else's wife (as Als was my bridesmaid in 2000, when I married John).

Congratulations to Paul and Allyson on the new beginning of their life together. I love you both.

As MoH, there isn't much room to hide a 5kg DSLR camera in your gown, so I didn't take many photos. Allyson's cousin on the other side is the very talented Murray Harris. He took care of the little things for the day. I can't wait to see his photos, as it is killing me to not have many of my own photos to play with!!!

I took a few as we were getting ready, including this one of my Aunty Kay putting Allyson's necklace on...

...and Allyson ready and posing for Murray.

Haha... these are basically the only two photos of pregnant little me in my frock, just before the wedding ceremony. They are taken on my mobile phone, so I could send them to John. John stayed home in Brisbane with the kids, to attend his parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrations.

This is the best of only a handful of photos of Paul and Allyson together. I have no idea what the guy in the background is doing, but it symbolises what I thought of most of the staff at the wedding/reception venue. I love Als' expression in this photo. I wish I could remember what was happening at the time. Oh, and my Dad took this one. Thanks Dad.

The weekend was a lot of fun and the wedding was beautiful. Thank you again to Paul and Allyson for sharing your special day with me.
xx S.

My Awesome Folks

Mum and Dad have just come home from a fantastic journey through Europe and I've been looking through their photos. They saw so many wonderful places and things!

Whilst in Switzerland, they found a couple of camera shops and looked at the Medium Format cameras - I am really interested in MF - the clarity is superb and I love film over digital (just not the continual cost). I am ecstatic to be able to say that I'm now the PROUD owner of one of these:

...a Hasselblad Medium Format Camera!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about it!! I really wanted to use it over the weekend, but it needs a little dust removal and a lot of learning first. Eventually, I might be able to add a digital back (which, hahaha, are at the moment on special for $13,000 - *cough*), but for the moment, film is going to be a LOT of fun! Back to basics for me. :)

As I start playing more with the camera, I'll post some images.
xx S.

ACP Retreat

Boy, are these photos well overdue!! On the 9th and 10th of August, Mel and I took a photography workshop to the A Creative Place retreat. We had a lot of fun and took lots of photos. I'll show these photos a little smaller, as there are so many.

Firstly, here are the portraits taken of our students (some of the ACP girls as well as Mel are hidden in there, too):

Plus some of our shanninigans:

Thanks again, girls, for a fantastic weekend!!
xx S.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Donna & Damien

Firstly, thank you to everyone for the well wishes, comments, emails and SMS's! We are very excited here and Baby is due in January '09. With the rate this year has flown so far, I'm thinking Baby will be here before we know it!


Months ago, in April, Donna & Damien were lovely enough to allow me to photograph their wedding. I now have photos to share here - computer problems have meant all sorts of hassles... THANK YOU to Donna & Damien for your patience.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Haha.... I went to make the post title "Everything's So Busy", but the song title above flowed from my fingers instead. When I was younger, more fit and, of course, thinner, I was part of a theatre group. Towards the end of my years with them, we performed a run of Musical Reviews and my LEAST favourite song we ever performed was "Everything's Coming Up Roses"... it's just so corny!! I don't know where THAT flash back come from!!?!

Anyhoo... just like everyone else, things are so busy here for me. I might have to do a quick dot point summary to catch up, I think.

* My computer seems to be finally working normally - yay!

* I still have to restore all my files and redo a number of backups, but I'm nearly there.

* Today, I finished re-editing Donna & Damien's wedding photos (to come soon). I lost my orginal edit with the old computer. :( Donna has been awesomely patient. I hope they both love their photos.

* My next big task is editing Vonn & Dan's wedding photos. Sorry Vonn, honey, I will be working on them this weekend!

* Amelia is going really well. She is moving toward the end of Year Two and is reading at a mid-Year Three level. She is very good. Her Maths needs a little help, but she is keeping up with her class.

* Christopher is also reading very well. He is heading to the end of Year One and is well into the Year Two level reading. He only just turned six and he reads 70 page Dr Seuss books to Nick every night. I was totally blown away at his recent parent/teacher interview to learn that he is top of his class in most things. We encourage all our kids to do the best they can and to enjoy learning. We've never asked where they come in class and Chris is way too modest to mention he is doing well.

* To sum up Amelia & Christopher, we are so proud that they are trying hard and doing well.

* Nick is still my baby, even at four years old. We are working hard to get him to do his own thing and pull his weight a bit (by putting on his own shoes, dressing himself, etc). He likes John or I to do everything for him. He's too old to be so dependant.

* Nick blows me away, too, though. He is reading and tries to read a little book every night. He recognises a lot of words, but needs a lot of help too. He has his Mummy's maths brain and is very good at using his maths during normal conversation (ie. "but I only have six... if I give one each to Mia & Chris, I'll only have four left!). He makes me laugh.

* John had his sinus operation and is now doing really well. He was so used to being in constant pain that he actually felt better straight away, even though his nose wouldn't stop bleeding.

* My gorgeous Leish and her family will be home in about eight weeks. Yay! :)

* Next weekend, my in-laws celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! I am so happy for them and am very sad that I'll miss the big family get-together.

* Next weekend, I'm flying to Sydney to be Matron-of-Honour for my lovely cousin Allyson. This wedding seemed to be so far away... I can't believe it is now only one week away!

* I've been teaching photography and photo manipulation for Point Shoot Play a little less lately, as I'm so overloaded in every aspect of my life. Check the website for any classes I have coming up, though.

* Point Shoot Play recently went to the A Creative Place retreat at Maleny. We had to much fun and I have heaps of photos to share of the girls. Stay tuned for these!

* Are you still with me? For a quick post, this is turning into a marathon! Thanks for reading.

* Oh, and there's just one more thing....

Take care.
xx S.

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