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Sunday, June 24, 2007

If You're Interested... are the two layouts I had in the latest Scrapbooking Creations.

The 20:40:60 with the Heidi Grace range:

The Top Ten Stamping feature:

This layout has been on my blog before. I do really love it, though. I love the 'Thelma&Louise'-type photo of John and I. Incidently, a collegue of John had seen my name and wondered, dismissing the thought, whether I was John's wife.... this layout gave it away. Yep, there aren't too many Pearcy's in Brisbane!

Also, here are a couple of other projects recently published:

Cherish Family was published as a project in the first ever edition of Scrapbooking Basics #1.

This cute exploding box is a project first learnt from Alicia. I modified the details ever-so-slightly to make more pages and a larger box. It was featured as a project in the latest Paper Creations #3. Thanks so much Alicia. You are always inspirational to me. ;)

xx S.

Dry, Cold & Bloody

Winter has come to Brisbane and I am actually feeling it!! I never used to feel the cold, but I have definately felt it in the last week or so! My hands and face are feeling dry and my nose has been colder than a puppy's since last Wednesday! Four minute showers (for the drought) just don't give time to just stand there, letting the hot water pour all over you to warm up!!

Today was a funny ol' day. It started with the kids sleeping in until 7.30am! I can't remember the last time John and I were both still in bed at 7.30am together!! The day finished with John and I sitting in the emergency room at the Mater Hospital, waiting for his thumb to be stitched up!! The middle bit of the day was pretty cruisey, but I would have prefered having some time alone with John for the movies, rather than the hospital.

We were trying to open the washing machine, as there is a mouse or rat eating the plastic pipe (so every time I wash, water pours through the holes and fills up my laundry/bathroom). We just needed to see the pipe to be able to replace it. Something was jammed, we were both trying to jimmy bits and John slipped, slicing his thumb open VERY grosely, on some VERY sharp metal. I was nearly to the bone in a big arch the size of a 10c piece, but somehow managed to miss his tendon! VERY lucky, and very unlucky, too, I guess.

One indecisive doctor and four stitches later, we were headed back home again. A whole three hours to ourselves. :)

So, to lighten the groseness of that story, here are some layouts I've actually managed to finish lately. Come across to Scrapbook City to see the gorgeous new ranges from Making Memories and the new 'Love, Elsie' range. I have been busting to get my hands on the Elsie range and have been going crazy with it!! Well, you all should know by now, I love Elsie!!!

Also, don't forget to check out this month's fantastic Scrapbook Creations! The most wonderful Lusi Austin is the Artist in Spotlight!! She is amazing, both creatively and in her personality & faith. Well worth getting to know through the magazine and HERE.
xx S.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Faeries & Wizards

Aren't they gorgeous??

Yesterday, we had Amelia & Christopher's Faery & Wizard party, hosted by the fantastic Fairy Raine (featured previously on my blog). She is amazing. The kids were completely enthralled the whole time she was with them.... nearly two hours!

Fairy Raine had wings and skirts for the little faeries and capes and hats for the wizards, although lots of the girls came with their own. They played games, told stories, had a treasure hunt, their face painted and special little crowns made for them.

We held the party in a park near the school. There was a corner of the (HUGE) park that had some trees clumped together and a spot in the middle covered with leaves. It just looked like the sort of place where faeries would live. It was perfect.

All the kids were wonderful and a couple of the mums who stayed helped me out tremendously! (Thanks Angela & Monica!!)

Mia and Chris asked for a castle cake each, so I made them one and split it into two themes. Mia had the pink with butterflies and vines over it. Chris had the green with turrets, a spider's web and a big spider.

The funniest part was with the blowing out of candles. I put six candles on the pink and five candles on the green and lit them all at once. I figured they would blow them both together, so it wouldn't matter that they were so close. When the time came, Chris forgot to blow and Mia blew furiously. The funny part?? Mia only blew out all six of her candles and Chris' five were left lit! What are the chances?? tee hee

Grrrr.... Nicholas Dragon eating some faery-bread. When we got home he couldn't wait to look in the mirror. He looked, smiled then frowned.
"I want it OFF, please!"
"Why Nick?" I said, "Do you look funny?"
"No, not funny," says Nick. "Nicky not funny, Nicky sad."

lol - he's so cute.
xx S.

Happy Birthday Amelia

So last Wednesday, Miss Amelia turned SIX! I can't imagine how I will feel when she's sixTEEN, as I can hardly believe that she is already six!

It was a very dark, rainy day, but she didn't mind. She knows how much we need the rain. Mia was very happy with her Barbie clothes, some books and a new bicycle, to match Chris'.

[Sorry the pics are so dark. I haven't had time to play with them.]

Mia chose Sizzler for her birthday dinner. We have now officially struck it off the list! The food was less than average and the price was unbelievable! I have to say, though, that the service was excellent and they made a big deal of it being Amelia's birthday.

xx S.

TWO Five Year Olds

Every year, for two days only, Amelia and Christopher are the same age. This year they were five together and we had a lot of fun with it. We called them "our two five year olds" for the two days and labelled our couch "for five year olds only". They loved it and really hammed it up.

So here are my two five year olds!

Also, on the day between their birthdays, it is their Aunty Leanne's birthday. I went to call Leanne so many times for her birthday, but didn't as I knew she wouldn't be home. Now I haven't managed to call at all and feel completely slack, so:


I know my rawking nephew Jess can find my blog, so maybe he can pass on my best wishes and I'll call Leanne as soon as I can!!

xx S.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Christopher

How fast do the years travel when you have children? I know they go fast regardless, but the constant reminder of each child's birthday certainly throws the speed of the years in one's face annually.

Christopher had his fifth birthday on Monday. He has come a long way from the frustrated little baby and toddler that always knew his mind, but did not have the physical skills to do what he wanted. Well, now his body has caught up and there is no stopping him! Even his emotional skills are catching up.... finally!

Christopher received some lovely gifts from family, including a fantastic bicycle from John, Mia, Nick and I. We made a stack of brightly iced cupcakes for his class to share and Chris chose McDonald's (much to his father's disgust) for his birthday dinner. I found it amusing to see John standing in the McDonald's playground trying to get the kids to leave after dinner. Tee hee.

We are having a joint birthday party for Christopher and Amelia on Sunday. I feel sad that we weren't able to invite as many children as I would have liked, but with both children wanting particular friends and Fairy Raine's guest limit (for good reason), it was not possible to invite everyone. :(

So for two days I have TWO five year olds!! Amelia turns six on Wednesday. See you then!
xx S.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Phonebook Prank

I saw this posted on another site and laughed 'til my sides hurt.... maybe I was in a silly mood, but this struck me as very funny!!

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