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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Two Things Missing

I went out yesterday, leaving the kids with John. I taught a Point.Shoot.Play. class at Stamp Art Studio, which went very well. We had a lot of fun!

When I left the house, Christopher had a mouth full of teeth and a gorgeous mop of hair. I came home to this...

An Army cut (which is actually much more cute IRL than here) and the first tooth to fall out! He is the second eldest of my kids, but the first to lose any teeth. Finally! ...I get to be the Tooth Fairy!! (I've been Santa, the Easter Bunny & the 'Noise-Down-the-Hall-That'll-Get-You-If-You-Get-Out-of-Bed'!! ~ Tooth Fairy I can relate to!!)

Chris was proud as punch this morning and couldn't believe the Tooth Fairy left him "two gold coins, Mummy!" Inflation ~ he received $3... 600% on the 50c we used to get!!
This week, my new lens arrived from the US. I bought a Lens Baby! Haven't heard of them? Check out the website, they are fun! It's a manual focus lens that basically bends the focus. You can focus on one 'sweet-spot' (see Chris' teeth above, or Amelia's eyes below) and the outer edges from that 'spot' blur out. It takes a bit of practice, but I'm having fun playing. I also received a wide lens adapter, telephoto adapter and macro lenses.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Take care.
xx S.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Still Offline!!! :(

So I'm still technically offline. I have been able to jump on occassionally via my laptop, but haven't had anything much of interest to show you.

I have joined a photography forum and am really enjoying getting to know all the people there and sharing in all things photographical. Here are a few pictures I shared with them recently...
(all photos are the copyrighted property of Sassi Photography)

On the weekend, I did my first shoot of the year with a family at Tingalpa. They were lots of fun and I am looking forward to having a good look at the photographs. Unfortunately, they are securely locked away on my computer (which is back at the computer hospital). I look forward to adding a sneak peek when I've processed them.
Thanks for visiting. Hopefully I'll be able to have a better update next post. ;)
xx S.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Offline & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! I hope you all rang in the new year with all your bells and whistles.

I slept through it.... well, that's not entirely true. The next door neighbours had a party that was loud and obnoxious from 6pm 'til 6am!!! I half slept/bad dreamt and half woke through the mark of the new year!

Prior to that, I have spent a long weekend staying with my Mum, Dad and Nan, without the kids! It was blissful.

Now I am offline for a week while my computer is fixed. Not sure what is wrong yet, but am hoping it really is only a week. I've ducked into work at 7.30pm to write this, after calling Mel in a fit of panic!! lol - sorry Mel.

So hopefully I'll be back very soon. I'm not receiving any emails in the meantime, so if you've sent a 'contact form' in via please forgive me for not getting back to you more quickly. As soon as I am online again, you'll be the first I contact!!

Oh, and I don't know who the 10,000 visitor was, but THANK YOU to everyone who drops by my blog. I don't say much of real importance, but it's nice to have visitors. ;)

xx S.

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