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Friday, November 07, 2008

Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Nick and I took a quick trip to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens today. It was hot. Really hot. Every time we walked past a shady bench, Nick would grab my hand and say, "Mummy, I really think it's time for another cool sit in the shade."

Somehow I managed to get us lost, but we eventually found our way to the water lillies, which was the whole reason for the visit. I needed some photographs for my current assignment.

Along the way, we met this gorgeous little spider. He is only a little bigger than two pieces of rice. I love macro. :)

The water lillies were all standing tall by the time we found them, so I didn't get as many great shots as I'd have liked. I spotted this next little bee playing in one of the flowers and waited "ever so long, Mummy" for it to pop up into view again. I love that it looks like it's looking at the camera. Clever little bee.

Enough for now. I'm off to bed. My little baby in my belly has given me a rough day and I need lots of sleep tonight. Just under twelve weeks left! Woohoo.

xx S.


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