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Friday, May 30, 2008

Would the Real Sara Pearcy Please Stand?

Hi. I'm here!! It feels like so long since I kept this blog up regularly. Sorry to the handful of people who still check in on me! I still have a lot of photos to share and a lot of news. Coming soon, I promise!

John, the kids and I have just arrived home from the beautiful Canberra. We drove there and home and the kids were all angels. Honestly. Unbelievably good. John spent the week at an Audiology conference while Mia, Chris, Nick and I flitted all over the city. We saw so many places and were never bored. We went to Parliament House (old & new), the Australian War Memorial, the National Museum of Australia, National Film & Sound Archive, Questacon Science Centre, Anzac Parade, Mt Ainslie Lookout, Blundells' Cottage, International Flag Display, Caption Cook Memorial Jet, National Carillon, National Zoo & Aquarium, Royal Australian Mint, Canberra Glassworks and lots of general places... all in four days!! The kids were exhausted but had a lot of fun!

I took a handful of cameras, but had the most fun with my new little Lomo Fisheye2. Here are some of the weird photos it takes (Coffs Harbour & Canberra):

I also took a couple of rolls of film on my Holgo 120GCFN, but I'm yet to develop them. I just love all the weird and quirky effects these two cameras produce.
That's it from me for now. I hope to update more over the weekend and coming week. Thanks for visiting here. Please let me know you've been to say hi, by leaving a comment. :)
xx S.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Beautiful Alicia

Another couple of weeks have gone by and I'm so excited to have had the beautiful Alicia and her family flitting in and out of Brisbane during that time. Leish and I have been friends for a few years now and I absolutely treasure our special bond.

I'm sad to say that she, Michael and their two boys winged their way back to NY this morning... but am happy to say I have hundreds of photos from the past two weeks to go through and process.

Safe traveling, Leish.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Quick Exercise with Flash

Just a fun, non-informative post to share a bit of fun with you. Earlier in the week, I had a play in a studio using long exposure and multiple flash. Here's my favourite photo from the night. It makes me smile.

{Special thanks to the lovely Rachel, as I was having trouble with my photo sizes. I hope this one comes up a more reasonable size! Thanks Rach.}

xx S.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Our Chookens

I have been asked a number of times recently about our little chicks that Amelia, Christopher and Nick were raising, and whether we still have them. (photo from Sept 07)

Yes, we do. Suprisingly enough, they are still really lovely, too. Amelia is especially good with them and even carries them around the yard, cuddling them. I'm waiting for a chicken to appear wearing a doll's dress. Tee hee.

The black one is still called "Chickee" and is Amelia's girl. They have a little bond and Chickee lets Amelia dote over her the most. She lays small dark brown eggs.

The red is "Mater". She is Nick's but he doesn't have much to do with her. Like most of the reds we've owned, she is a bit bossy. She lays large light brown eggs.

Christopher's hen is "Sally", but also goes by another name which I can't remember at the moment. She lays large white eggs.

Christopher will have a cuddle with the chicken if Amelia catches one for him and helps him take her. He likes them, but is a little uncertain. Recently, we offered Christopher an egg for breakfast. Just as he said yes, John said, "Our chickens laid it." Christopher immediately cried out, "No! YUK!! I'm not eating an egg from our chicken!! I'll have one of the other eggs, please." John asked, "Where to you think the other eggs come from?" "The shops," came the reply. *smurks*

We still also have both budgies, too. They now live outside in their cage and aren't very friendly. I love hearing them sing, though.

More posts coming soon!
xx S.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


This gorgeous bub allowed me to photograph him in March... I'm sorry it has taken me so long to share him with you. He is sweet as.

More photos for other shoots to come... I promise. :)
xx S.

Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm Still Here!!


Just letting you know I am still here and hope to catch up on a few blog posts over this long weekend. I am just so busy with family, work, teaching, photography and life!

I have some news and LOTS of photos to share, so stay tuned!!

xx S.

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