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Friday, September 28, 2007

Poor, Neglected Blog


I've had a few comments in the past week or so about how unkept my blog is. I'm sorry... things are just so busy. I have stacks of photos (and no layouts) to share, but I don't have them with me!! I'll have to drop back in as soon as I can to update properly.

Be assured, all is well. I might do a quick dot point to catch up:

* Tried on Bridesmaid's dress for Ally's wedding next year. I'm Matron of Honour and I have a STACK of weight to lose first, so I don't embarrass her in the dress. It's very flowy and pretty.

* I've been madly scanning in negatives of my wedding and having a trip down memory lane.

* The other day I tried on my wedding dress and it now fits again!! Mia thought I looked like a princess. :D

* Mel has been very busy booking us out for Point Shoot Play classes. We are even going to Bundy early November.

* I put together a photo book with some of my favourite photos, using HP SnapFish. I had a discount coupon, so saved $39.95. :D

* I'm working on my wedding album (Momento) and hope to have it done by Sunday, to be able to claim my $30 off coupon.

* John has been home sick. Throat infection and sinus. Poor thing. The kids and I have been relatively well.

* Went to see "Surf's Up" today as a family. I love being out with them all and they were all very well behaved. The movie was okay - not too keen on some of the language, but the story was nice enough.

* I haven't scrapbooked for months, but need to do a few layouts for a magazine, so hope to get my gear out this week. I miss my scraproom.

* My very beautiful friend from school, Vonnie, became engaged late August!! Congrats Hon!!! Love you!!

* The chickies are growing up now. They are three weeks old and look like they have been hit with the ugly stick. I guess that's chicken adolescense for you! (sorry ?sp) Marty still wants to eat them, so they still live in a box in my loungeroom.

* End of month at work today (for me), so I had better get running and do some work!

Take care.
xx S.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My First Budgie!

For Laura...

Ever since I was about five years old, I've wanted a budgie in a cage. I always said when I grow up and have my own home, I'd get one. It's taken me nearly 27 years, but yesterday I bought my first budgie!!

I was so excited. I bought the cage, food and some toys and spent ages setting them all up. I picked a gorgeous baby boy with a blue body, white head and clipped wings. The kids and I talked about names all the way home. Amelia, in particular, was so very excited also.

Now, I don't know all that much about birds. My understanding was that once you clipped their wings, that kind of slowed them down a little. I very carefully took the budgie out of his box. He seemed okay, then pulled himself up, slipped out of my hands, spread his wings and flew away, out the back and two properties down, where he was swooped on by a very large black bird.

I don't know how long I stood there, with my mouth open, in shock. I just remember suddenly feeling like I was coming out of a dream feeling all numb, to find Amelia crying in hysterics beside me.

Luckily the pet shop took partial responsibility and replaced the budgie at cost. So we get a second chance. Another baby boy, blue with yellow head, whom we called JD. THIS time I put him into the cage whilst locked in the bathroom!!

Today I went back and bought him a friend. I wanted a green and yellow, but he was a biter, so I chose one similar to the one that got away. Elliot is his name. (Yep, it's a Scrubs theme.)

We also bought three day-old chicks, who are currently living in a big box in the kitchen. Marty (our dog) killed my last chook and is very remorseful and lonely. These three chicks are now used to us handling them and will hopefully be nicer than the last couple of meanies we had.

Aren't they cute? The black one is so gorgeous. She falls deeply asleep almost the second you pick her up for a cuddle. She's Mia's. The brown is Nick's and the white is Chris'. They are yet unnamed, but I like Lorraine's suggestion of Snap, Crackle & Pop.

Maybe, with Marty's track record, we shouldn't name the chicks after food, though!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Coming Up....

Point Shoot Play-Bundy Weekend WorkShop And More

On the weekend of the 3rd and 4th November, Point Shoot Play, will be holding a weekend workshop in Bundaburg-we can't wait...A Big Thank You to Petrina, with out your wonderful help this weekend wouldn't be possible.. Spaces are limited so get in quick for a great weekend.. Sara from Sassi Photography (that's me!) will be taking advantage of the beautiful landscape for Photo Shoots..For more information, please email Mel or Petrina..

We have also be invited to join Passion For Paper at their Retreat on Saturday afternoon on 13th October in beautiful Mudjimba.. Only a few spots left, email Passion For Paper or call 07 3283 7866 for more info.. Thanks Mel and Chris...

Additional Classes are being held at Stamp Art Studio Aspley-contact Rosemary on 07 3863 0833 for info and dates or check out the Stamp Art Studio Blog.

Point Shoot Play Printing Services are well on their way to being ready to rock-keep an eye out for great opening specials.

So things are starting to get busy for me. I am teaching my first PhotoShop class for Point.Shoot.Play. on Friday night. It's booked out, but for further class information, see the Point.Shoot.Play. blog.

Check out my digi blog for my latest digital layouts, too! (link on sidebar)
xx S.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Stand Up & Scrap

Check this fantastic digital scrapbooking comp out!! Registration is open now (closing 16/9). Go and read all about it at the Stand Up and Scrap blog!

Stand Up and Scrap

The competition kit is over 700MB and is put together by an amazing list of very talented designers.

Go. Go now. It's worth a look!
(I'm talking to you, too, Amanda!!)
xx S.

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