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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! Best wishes to all that visit my blog. I hope you have a peaceful and love-filled Christmas.

Love Sara.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Feels a Lilley Bit Like Christmas

I'm loving the preparations for Christmas. The kids are generally in good cheer and we are having fun with them all home from school ~ Nicholas especially, who has missed them during the year.

Personally, in between when the kids are around (because of the M rating), I've been obsessed with funny man Chris Lilley. Who isn't, now, I guess?

For my birthday (last month), my brother Charlie gave me the DVDs of "We Could Be Heroes" & "Summer Heights High". The 'extras' DVDs are hillarious and watching both series again has been fun too. I've also now bought the "Big Bite" DVD of Channel 7's comedy shown in 2003, starring the talented Mr Lilley. (Andrew O'Keefe is pretty funny in these too.)

The character of Mr G cracks me up (and is only second to Jonah Takalua). Mr G is just so precious. I love seeing the earlier stuff of him on the Big Bite.

So if you have never heard of him (and have an open mind, as the character's push the limits verbally and emotionally), do yourself a favour and check out this funny, funny man.

On a side-note, I remember Chris Lilley dressed as the MSN Butterfly for the Australian ads (a few years back). If anyone has a picture, I'd love a copy. ;)

In case I don't make it back to my blog, Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you have a happy and safe one.
xx S.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


My beautiful friend Alicia had a baby boy - Cameron - this afternoon (our time), just before 11pm 15 Dec NY time.

Congratulations to Alicia, Michael and Kyan.

Can't wait to see some pictures!
xx S.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Love My City

I love living in Brisbane and really love our iconic Story Bridge.

I've been trying to find time to get up on the bridge (just pedestrian level, not climbing - as they won't allow you to have a camera) for a while now and last weekend succeeded.
I took dozens of photos, but am only happy with a handful. After dragging my full kit plus tripod along the Story Bridge, I found it was too bumpy and unstable to bother with the tripod. I've been on the bridge on a motorbike, stopped in traffic, before, so I knew the bridge moved a bit.... I just forgot.
I met a few really nice people up there too. Most memorable was Anne and her boyfriend - I offered to take their photo and really stuffed it up - and Petey - who was so incredibly drunk that I doubt he remembers me taking a couple of photographs of him.

There are a couple more on my Sassi Photography blog.

I've been noticing the counter on my blog steadily rising. It only ticks over with unique visits per day, not every time the screen is refreshed, so I am pretty astounded that I am coming up to the 1000 visitors mark. If you are the lucky 1000th visitor, make sure you let me know!

I LOVE hearing from anyone who reads this blog, too. I do get a few personal comments via email, but am happy to have comments on here too. Make sure you say, "Hi!" if you drop by!!

xx S.

Wobble, Wobble...

Ah, that title could be talking about so many things.... (this is where I DON'T mention I have put back on 9kg in the last couple of months)...

Christopher has his first wobbly tooth! I'm so excited for him, as he is so excited about it.

I feel a little disappointed for Amelia, as she is a year older than Chris and still has no wobbly teeth. When she asked me recently about it, I said Christopher may have one before she did, as she got her teeth a little later than usual. :( Sad face from Amelia. Seems I was correct.

I guess there may be a toothless grin coming up in the blog soon.
xx S.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Novotel Twin Waters

Last weekend, one of John's hearing aid companies sent our family off to Novotel Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast for a conference. We arrived Friday morning and came home Sunday.

John spent most of his time in conference, so the kids and I did our own thing. For the first time in my life, I sent the kids to a few 'Kids Club' sessions and they had a BALL. This left me free to have some much needed 'Sara-time'. I had my laptop and my camera.
I've been doing some work for Scrapbooking Memories, for upcoming issues in 2008, so the break was the perfect opportunity to kick back in quiet and do some computer work. This was my view for a number of hours over the weekend...

Then I took my camera out and had a little fun...

Novotel Twin Waters is a really lovely place ~ very family orientated as well as for the big kids. Lots of activities were available and the whole family had a fantastic time.

Take care.
xx S.

Gorgeous Sean

These shots are from my first shoot for one of the Mum's at school. Sean was adorable through the whole shoot and we managed to get a few sweet photos of one of his big sisters, Olivia, too.

Thanks Lisa. I had lots of fun.
xx S.

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