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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Patterned Paper Auction!!

Here it is... the first of my BlogLine Auctions!!

I am purging my scrap stuff... I have an absolutely ridiculous amount that I will never use. So I am going to auction some of it off with the profit going to charity. This auction's charity will be the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia.

The auction is for over FIVE KILOGRAMS of patterned paper, including postage!

It is:
* largely from the last twelve months or so.
* mostly in sets of like papers.
* about 97.5% full, unused sheets.
* about 2% offcuts.
* including a couple of odds and ends (ribbon, tiny canvases, buttons, etc).
* in two bags with a combined thickness of over 4 inches.
* from manufacturers such as (but not limited to) Basic Grey, Scrapworks, We R Memory Keepers, Chatterbox, All My Memories, Chloe's Closet, SEI, Crafter's Workshop, Keeping Memories Alive, Making Memories, Kelly Panacci, Heidi Grace, Doodlebug, Cosmo Cricket, Imagination Project, EK Success, Fancy Pants, Treehouse Memories, Wild Asparagus, Sweetwater, Autumn Leaves, Junkitz, Gin-X, cherryArte, UpsyDaisy Designs, Little Davis Designs, Scenic Route, Sassafras Lass, Paper Salon, Centre City, Daisy D's, Imaginisce, Paper Loft & Bo-Bunny Press.

The Auction will close on SUNDAY 4th NOVEMBER, unless there have been no bids - lol.

You can bid by providing your name, email and bid amount in either the comments on this post OR by emailing me: smpearcy at bigpond dot net dot au.

If there are no bids, or if bids do not even cover postage (approx between $7 & $22, depending on where in Australia you are), I reserve the right to withdraw the auction.

Small print:
*The winning bidder will be notified via email on Monday 5th November. The winning bidder will have three working days to pay for the auction items (direct deposit is prefered), or the winning bidder will risk losing their win, which will be forfeited to the next highest bidder.
*Remember some bids may be entered via email, so the commentor (below) with the highest visible bid, may not be the actual highest bidder.
* The current highest bid on Saturday 3rd November will be advertised on this blog, to help other bidders estimate whether they need to up their bid in order to become the highest bidder at close of auction.

Help me help the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia by biding today!!
xx S.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Point. Shoot. Play

Photoshop & Photography classes are getting busy with Point.Shoot.Play - check out the blog for further details!

More importantly, the Point.Shoot.Play photograph printing service is now OPEN!!

Download the software HERE.

It's simple to use and, best of all, you can pick your photos up from your local scrapbooking store!! Check the Point.Shoot.Play. blog or email Mel for participating stores - OR - get your local store to contact Mel for further info!

Last weekend, I had a fun photoshoot with Lorraine and a few of her family. We had lots of fun, thanks girls (& boy)!!

LOVE this one... it's so.... toddler!!

I've also been working on my official website for Sassi Photography. Check it out and let me know what you think! I'd love some feedback to make it a bit better!

Have a GREAT weekend!!
xx S.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

How Cute Is This??

Raaa!! So busy!! I am still trying to catch up with the HUGE workload I've got myself into. Why do we do this to ourselves?? lol - at least I'm finding lots of fun and exciting new things along my journey.

Check this out:

I'd LOVE to claim this as my own, but I can't. It was taken by the very talented Kylie Banks. Isn't it the most precious photo?? Now I've seen it, I am determined to have that cup.... no, not for a prop.... for my morning coffee!! It sure beats the 500ml coffee cup I just bought from Ikea!!
I'm working on fixing my website at the moment, but in the meantime, have started my official Sassi Photography blog. I will try to keep it updated with some of the shoots I have been doing (if I'm granted permission by my clients). There are 'Labels' listed on the right hand side, to clarify what kind of shoot/photos are in each post.
Catch you on the flip side!
xx S.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Six Weeks....

....of circus clowns and fake lion tamers, leading up to the Federal Election. I can't stand the six weeks of lead up. It is full of lies and inconsistencies that truly irk me.

I'm not intending to be political on my blog. I'm not a swing voter and I do have definate reasons for voting the way I do, but here is not the place to air them.

Instead, keep informed.

For an interesting look at some political polls and how internet users have answered them, check out: Passion Pulse.

I'll be back later to update my blog. :D
xx S.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Look at This...

...and please consider signing it.

Imagine the devastating effects this would have to many of us!
xx S.

October. October??


I am in complete denial of how much of this year has already passed!! I cannot believe it's October already!! Wow, I guess having my first two children start school this year has really pushed the year faster.

School holidays are nearly to an end and we've had a ball. We haven't done anything too spectacular, but have really enjoyed each other's company. We are now on the home run for the end of their first year. I can't wait for the end of year concerts and parties.

All five of us went to the movies to see 'Surf's Up' last week. That was fun. The movie was average, but the magic of all of us going to the theatre was exciting. Do you remember that exciting feeling of visiting the cinema, when you were a child? We only did it about once a year (as do my kids - this was their third or fourth movie in the cinemas) ~ it took almost as long to get to the city as it did to the beach for us (about 40mins), so it was always special. We'd get dressed up and Dad would always slip us some money, behind Mum's back, to get popcorn.

The cinemas are all so close now, there's so many of them. We still get all dressed up and make it special, although there is no money being slyly slipped... I just buy them a big popcorn to share.

Apart from school holidays, I've been super busy with deadlines, classes and photography stuff. I'm loving the lack of routine with school holidays, but really look forward to Mia and Chris being back at school so Nick can go back to having a sleep. Poor little might is just SO tired, but doesn't want to miss out on anything.

Better keep running. I shouldn't even be here!!

Sorry there are no photos again. I will try better next time I manage to blog!
xx S.

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