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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Finished tweaking!

Well, I blitzed the green blog of yesterday and have my pink back again. Fixed the banner, so it's the right size and have all my links worked out - I think!! Still trying to teach myself Html and can't work out how to centre the counter & blogger buttons near the video clip and space these three things out a bit more. If you know Html, can you drop me a comment on how to do this?

It took me an hour to clean up the kids rumpus room this morning! These kids have WAY too many toys. Next time they aren't looking, I think I am going to throw out all the misc ones (ie. McDonald toys and non-sets). I am powering through the housework as I desperately want to scrap tonight. I have a lot of computer work to do too.

I only have two A-Z layouts that haven't been started! Once I get them started, I can then go through my whole album and add the finishing touches to all 26 of them.

Tomorrow is Mia's 'Show & Tell' for preschool. It is an effort to stop her from taking a toy rather than finding something of interest to talk to her friends about. Hopefully while she is at preschool tomorrow, I can catch up on most of my work about the house, too.

This afternoon, I plan to take some photos of Mia's toys with her to put a little story book together. During the week we photographed Chris' favourite toys in a sequence and made up a story. I look forward to putting it all together in a book. The kids are both pretty excited about this too. I don't know how they would go with looking after 'scrapped' pages, as they might pull bits off, so I think I'll digi-scrap them and print out the finished pages to stick in some blank board books.

Have a great week!!

xx S.


Anonymous Vonnie said...

Hey Sara ...

Page looks boootiful!!! Very impressed babycakes!!!! Hope you're well ... Your banner is delightful!!!

Now, if you could spruce up my myspace page for me ... :P


PS. Just saw Charlie down at West End ... he's still a hottie .. :-)

1:25 pm, March 28, 2006  

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