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Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm Sad

Please forgive me for not being online for a little while, on my blog or on the Scrapbook City forum. My very, very dear Grandad (for whom I made that 60th anniversary book last year) passed away this morning. He was a grand 89 and died at home with my Nan, in the middle of the night.

xx S.


Blogger Sarah said...

I've been very slack and haven't popped by your blog for ages. So very sorry to read this. My thoughts are with you and your family.

5:15 pm, March 30, 2007  
Blogger Brendy said...

OH I am so sorry to hear this Sara. My thoughts are with you and your family and hoping your Nan is coping alright. Sending {{{{{HUGS}}}} your way...
Take Care

6:13 pm, March 30, 2007  
Anonymous Laura said...

Hey Sara... just came on tonight to check out your blog and am so sorry to hear this news. I bet your grandparents treasured the 60th anniversary book you made them so much. Lots of love & hugs to you and your family. xxxxx big & little cuz, Laura xxxx

6:53 pm, March 30, 2007  
Blogger Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Oh Sara - I am so sorry for your loss - it is a crushing blow to lose a grandparent that you are so close to. I am sure he was very proud of you and all your achievements. Big Hugs and Thoughts coming your way!

9:42 pm, March 30, 2007  
Blogger VonnieP said...

Hey babe,

My heart is saddened by the loss of your loved grandpa honey. Cherish your Nanna, be strong if you need to, but allow yourself sadness and grief. Be grateful to have had him in your life to this point, that he was able to meet your children, his grandkids, and that they were able to know him - their great grandfather - albeit it for not long enough.

My prayers are with you all honey.




8:30 am, March 31, 2007  
Blogger Jen said...

Sara, thinking of you and yours at this sad sad time. XXXXXXXXX Jen.

9:33 am, March 31, 2007  
Anonymous Carol-lea said...

Hugs to you Sara..thinking of you and your family!!


7:50 pm, March 31, 2007  
Blogger Trudi said...

Sending hugs your way. So sorry to hear about your dear grandad. You are all in my thoughts

1:58 pm, April 01, 2007  
Blogger Cass said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Sara. *hugs*

9:57 pm, April 01, 2007  
Blogger Katie said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, Sara. I looked at your book on your blog and thought it was a lovely tribute. I hope you are all getting throught his difficult time. My thoughts are with you.

10:48 am, April 02, 2007  
Blogger Michelle Jamieson said...

Thinking of you and your family, Sara. Hope your Nan is doing ok.

Sending {{{{{Big Hugs}}}}} your way!

Chelle Xx

12:08 pm, April 02, 2007  
Blogger Jen said...

I am so sorry for your loss Sara, i know how close you were and he will be sadly missed by you and your family.

9:38 pm, April 02, 2007  
Anonymous Lusi Austin :) said...

Oh Sara, I'm so so sorry about your dear grandad's passing. Much love to you all. I will be praying.
Lus x

10:06 pm, April 03, 2007  
Blogger AnnetteL said...

Thninking of you and your family. Praying for you Sara. Cheers Annette

9:40 am, April 05, 2007  
Blogger Scrapmanda said...

Back from my holiday to hear your sad news.
Thinking of you and your family at this time of great loss. I hope you find comfort in your memories of your Grandad.

9:00 pm, April 06, 2007  
Blogger Crissy Gaylor said...

So sorry to hear about your granddad. *hugs*

1:08 pm, April 09, 2007  
Blogger Linda Maynard said...

Dearest Sara,

I've only just heard the sad news about your Grandad. I hope your Nan is doing okay and that you are feeling a little brighter.

So glad that Alicia and Kyan are here to provide you with an extra does of happiness.

Always know how much you are cherished. You are so very, very special to so many people.

Warmest regards,
Linda Maynard xx

4:29 pm, April 10, 2007  
Blogger Liz said...

Hi Sara, sorry I missed this post. I am thinking of you and I hope your memories are good and I am so glad your grandad got to see that lovely memory book you created for him and your grandmother.
Take care and "see" you soon.

8:21 pm, April 22, 2007  

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