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Friday, February 01, 2008

Southbank Markets

I'd forgotten all about the Southbank Markets until we dropped by there on my last photo shoot. I used to love walking around the markets.

These next few photos were taken at the same stand. I just fell in love with their products... all very bright and hand made of leather... keyrings, coin purses, handbags, shoulder bags, more keyrings and backpacks (amongst other things).

Of course, we finished the walk off by stopping at the Streets Vendor. Yummy Calipos! Thanks Vonnie. ;)

These photos were all taken on my Canon 20D with the Lensbaby Original. Stay tuned for more information!! ;)
xx S.


Blogger Peta said...

ohh great use of the lensebaby Sara!!

and OMGOSH I can't believe your computer woes!!! I hope that is the last time it has to go back to the Dr's!

2:55 am, February 02, 2008  
Blogger Alicia Barry said...

Goodness I haven't been there in ages either. Let's go when I come home.

11:36 am, February 02, 2008  
Blogger Belinda said...

Wow Sara, some great pics - lovin' the look of the lensbaby!!

Cheers, Belinda N

2:52 pm, February 05, 2008  

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