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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Underwater World & Yandina

On my birthday, while we were staying at Coolum, we went to Underwater World, Mooloolabah and the Ginger Factory, Yandina. I love the Ginger Factory and had never been to Underwater World, but wanted to since it opened.

The kids were great and we had so much fun sharing their awe of everything we saw and experienced. Nick was so cute at the Touch & Feel pool. The lady was passing along a floating box with some starfish and sea cucumbers in for the kids to touch. All Nick wanted to do was to tip them back into the bigger pool and be "fwee!!"

Underwater World has OTTERS! I was so excited, as I really love otters. They were sleeping, but I managed to get a couple of good photos as my kids disturbed their slumber.

Then off to Yandina, to visit the Ginger Factory, where we had lunch and went on the little train. Christopher and Nicholas (especially) loved the train. The engine pulling it was built in 1901 and smelt so old-train (if that makes sense). I love trains too, so enjoyed hearing about it all.

...and what would a visit to the Ginger Factory on my birthday be without buying some YUMMY fudge and ginger & macadamia chocolate?? I haven't even eaten any yet! There were so many yummy flavours of fudge, mostly with lots of ginger or alcohol through them. I LOVE ginger, but am waiting until I feel 100% before eating any, just in case I get sick again and lose the love of it!! Tee hee. xx S.


Blogger Alicia said...

Oh yum, I haven't had fudge in such a long time.

11:35 am, November 27, 2006  
Blogger VonnieP said...

The otters are my favourite too!! :) When I went to underwater world, I stared at them for AGES!!

Haven't been to the ginger factory but can I say YUM to the fudge?!?

Sorry to hear you were sick for you holiday and birthday honey! But, looks like you guys had a ball nonetheless!

And btw ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Again!)

1:29 pm, November 27, 2006  
Blogger Brendy said...

Looks like you did plenty on your week away, sorry to hear you were sick...

Take Care...

3:16 pm, November 28, 2006  

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