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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Failed Challenge

Last night's crop at Scrapbook City was a lot of fun! I had really hoped to get lots of layouts done so I wouldn't have to break my challenge (of doing 20 layouts before shopping). I worked on three layouts, but only got one finished (which I can't share yet). So, in total, I finished 14/20 layouts within two weeks..... then I shopped!! I didn't buy much last night, but I did buy, so I failed the challenge.

That's okay, I'll just have to start it again!! I'll check the calendar for any upcoming crops first - lol!

It was so much fun catching up with Alicia, Amanda, Zane & her mum, Sara & her mum and meeting Michelle & Kellie. Thank's to Leisa, also, for a fun night!

If you are looking for a fantastic challenge, check out How Dare You - Aussie Dares. Some fantastic Aussie scrapbookers getting together with fortnightly challenges for US... the other Aussie scrapbookers!! It's going to be loads of fun, I'm sure!!

xx S.


Blogger Ms Zane said...

OOOPs about the challenge! I didn;t realise it was one you had set yourself! *lol* No crops anytime NEAR that sort of deadline next time.

It was so good to see you though! xox

ohh and - I'll have to chcek out how dare you dare!! :)

8:00 pm, July 02, 2006  

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