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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Bad blogger to compulsive blogger? Nope, just been tagged so I thought I'd better do the tag before I forget!!

I AM: about to go to bed
I WANT: time to catch up on scrapping
I HATE: nothing, but dislike many things
I MISS: having spare time
I FEAR: clowns, balloons & spiders (for starters)
I HEAR: Ben Lee's Awake Is The New Sleep & John ironing in the other room (!!)
I WONDER: if my old friend I left a message for on Friday will call me back
I REGRET: nothing
I AM NOT: up to date with many of the tasks on my list
I DANCE: like there is no tomorrow
I SING: constantly
I CRY: at the drop of a hat
I AM NOT ALWAYS: happy and cheerful
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: whatever my hands feel like creating
I WRITE: honestly and thoughtfully
I CONFUSE: my children's names when I'm cranky with them
I NEED: more time!!
I SHOULD: really get to bed!
I START: things and don't finish them in a timely fashion
I FINISH: most things late

I TAG: Amanda, Leish (because she didn't do it when Willisa tagged her) & Jill

xx S.


Blogger Scrapmanda said...

Okay - I've not been tagged before! Am I now supposed to answer those questions on my blog?? Guessing that's the go! Thanks - I think???

9:38 pm, May 28, 2006  

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