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Friday, October 31, 2008

Canon Photo5 Competition

Every year (well, this is the second year and they are hoping to keep it going) Canon Australia have a Photo5 Competition. Participants register and Canon send out a little box containing five everyday objects to be photographed creatively.

I registered very early on and received my box.... then proceeded to forget about it! With two days to go until the deadline, I remembered, but couldn't get into gear to think of anything interesting, different or exciting. Instead, I photographed my objects and inserted them into some zoo photographs I had taken the week before.

Here are my entries:

A purple CRAYON....



A red RIBBON....

A container of BUBBLES....

A bit of a laugh and I had fun putting them together. I don't expect to even get into the finals, but have loved looking through the thousands of photographs entered. The finalists will be announced and judging will commence on Monday 3 November. When the finalists' photographs are the only ones showing in the galleries, it's worth having a look. There are way too many photos to go through in the meantime.

Wish me luck! Bahahahahaa!!!
xx S.


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