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Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's All About Me!!

My "Me" layout for the SAM cyber crop:

I'm not overly talkative today, so just a short post. I'm off soon to go to Scrapbook City's first birthday sale/celebration. Just a good reason for me to get over there for a browse, really!! If I'm lucky, I'll get over to a few other scrap shops as well. We'll see what time brings.

Happy Saturday!!

xx S.


Anonymous Mel Nunn said...

Hi Sara, Love this layout!! I have not been at SAM for a long time, I have spat the dummy because our CJ went by the wayside... I am at Scrapboxx and Blue Bazaar mostly these days...

Cangrats on your Artist in the spotlight AND cover!!! SO peeved I didnt get one. How funny is this- the only times they have not used a spotlight layout on the cover, was in my issue, and a close friend of mine!

Never mind, being splashed through the magazine was way cool enough anyway.

I am yet to post my layout from Kim's class the other night, yours is gorgeous!!


1:36 pm, May 13, 2006  

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